Police Brutality In Music: From Beating To Beats

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From Beatings to Beats

“To serve and protect.” or to beat, kill and conceal? Police brutality has remained a worldwide issue through the years. It is recently a major problem in the United States, with technology and social media being more active than ever, video recordings of beatings and deaths caused by police officers are being broadcasted and viewed worldwide on popular websites and news channels. Other video recording tools such as dashboard police cameras and surveillance videos have also recorded unjust treatment some people have received from police officers, making it evident that that it is a major existing problem.
Many artists and bands have described their views on the topic through music, Tupac Shakur does so in his song “Trapped” released in the album 2pacalypse Now (1991) where he uses a frustrated tone as he raps, to show how fed up he is with the way police treat him. The music in the song is also
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Creating a frightening and confusing feeling, one you can compare to the way a human heart beats rapidly while being pulled over by a police officer. Throughout the song Tupac changes the way he raps to show the different emotions he feels while dealing with unfair treatment of police it drifts and changes from anger to sadness. As the chorus of the song plays, it pauses suddenly as he loudly and strongly says, “They got me trapped!” in a frustrated and angry tone. This demonstrates how misunderstood he feels in such way that he cries out for an answer or solution to better the relationship between people and police. He also gives off a hopeless vibe as he raps, one that displays that the problems that were faced in the past with law enforcement will continue through the present and future. Unfortunately, one that speaks the truth due to the beatings and murders done by police in the past and

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