Taking A Look At Police Brutality

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Police everywhere throughout America, use excessive force and brutalize civilians every single day. The reason for this is still unclear. Police brutality is when police use “unreasonable force” or force not suited for the current situation. Police brutality goes beyond physical force, it is also verbal, or any form of abusing their authority. Overall, police brutality is thought to be a cause of an unjust system, the police mentality and how police react under pressure. An unjust system would include unfair trial, or the law protecting the law. “Her anger is reserved for a system that allows law enforcement agencies to investigate their own” (Susman). This demonstrates an unjust system because if police investigate police, it is easier to …show more content…
The police is one part, but they have to get the idea that they could do this from somewhere. That idea of it being okay, is left on the justice system. “SWAT tactics, for example, are increasingly used for credit card fraud and other low-level offenses, administrative warrants, or even regulatory enforcement. Use-of-force training today puts less emphasis on conflict resolution and de-escalation, if they are addressed at all. The problem isn 't cops breaking the rules--the rules themselves are the problem.”(Balko). If police are being taught forceful ways for low offenses, then they will automatically think that they are right and not at fault. Perhaps that makes forcefully abusing people seem okay to them. And maybe since the law is teaching them to use force, that actually makes it okay. Since it is left on the justice system teaching them this, maybe the police are not at fault. No, that is just excuses. Both the police and system is at fault. As a human being, you should have good judgement and understand when you need to take action. Does a ticket violation need to result in a shooting? No. Does an armed man, attacking another? Sure. Police, actually everyone should be able to make judgments like that, but police should be better at making those decisions, since they have training and should know when and how to apply it. But under pressure, people stick to what they know, and police know

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