Police Brutality And The Safety Of All New Jersey Residents Essay

1043 Words Aug 1st, 2016 null Page
Police officers play a vast role in today’s society and law enforcement system, they have been granted an extreme amount of power to protect the nation and it’s people. However, recently they have given us the opportunity to question their integrity and the reasoning behind some of their actions. Their initial job was to help monitor criminal activity and bring justice to the world, but as of late they have been doing more damage than good. With all the police brutality and unjustifiable murders, several police officers are getting away with injustice due to the lack of evidence. Many people have been coming to the conclusion that with body cameras attached to all officers there will likely be an end to these irrational murders and police brutality. Ultimately, for the safety of all New Jersey residents, Bill A158 should heavily be taken into consideration as it 's an essential bill required to either confirm or silence these accusations. To start with, there have been many recent incidents where police officers have been seen to be taking advantage of citizens, especially colored ones. For example, take the Alton Sterling situation that took place not too long ago. According to CNN, “Sterling was shot outside the Baton Rouge convenience store after an encounter with two police officers. The officers can be seen in the video on top of him before shots were fired” (Alton Sterling Shooting).
It’s evident that Alton Sterling was just an average 37 year old black man trying…

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