Police Brutality And The Police Essay

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On August 9th 2014 African American Michael Brown was shot and killed by White Police Officer Darren Wilson. This incident caused the issue of police brutality and illegal use of deadly force to be once be put into the national spotlight. The black community does not trust the police, use force against them or stop and search and the police mistrust stereotypes perpetrated from the media and because of the amount of African Americans who live in high crime areas, and recently the fear of retaliation. The best way to improve relations between the african american community and the police is for the police to start wearing body cameras, which will allow the police to be held accountable for their actions and so black people will have to worry less about the the situation escalating.
One of the main reasons the African American community does not trust law enforcement is due to the use of deadly force. Lethal force has been something used by the police throughout most of American history and in 1985 the supreme court case attempted to limit the situations in which the police can use lethal force (Criminal Justice, Lab 75). Although this case did help decrease the number of people killed by police, the questionable use of lethal force against minority is still evident. A prime example of this would be when on April 4th 2015, Walter Scott, a black man, was shot eight times in the back while running away from white police officer Michael Slager. While the officer in this incident…

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