Police Brutality And The Police Essay

1024 Words Sep 23rd, 2015 5 Pages
All across the country there have been many reports of police taking things too far and abusing the power that they have been granted. Many case have been looked over in which the police have taken their power to the next level and it has begun causing a lot of controversy throughout the nation. The police have taken things too far when it comes to basic protocols. Ranging from cases such as Sandra Bland all the way to the Michael Brown case and to be honest it is only going downhill from here. Police brutality is the use of excessive force and unnecessary force used by the police when dealing with civilians (Danilina). Plenty of cases are reported that are dealing with a civilian being handled by a police officer and that police officer not following protocol. Just to name a few cases i’ll start with a well known one, Michael Brown. Another big one many people may of heard of would be Sandra Bland. My final example is a recent one is Gilbert Flores. People are handling the outburst of police brutality in many different ways. There have been reports of very out of control riots and the burning down of buildings and destruction of cities. Then there are people who are going about it in a different way. Writing letters to our government or speaking up and rallying the people peacefully to speak up. For starters, we have Michael Brown. Michael Brown was caught robbing a convenience store, but he was unarmed. When police arrived his hands were up above his head. Law…

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