Poland Research Paper

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Roman Catholicism, Communism:
Who runs Poland?
Ryan Witkowski
ENG 1123 00 Composition and Rhetoric
Dr. Sheba Kulothungan
February 21, 2005


I. Poland and the church before communism 1. Church's political power
a. Had many people specifically placed in the government
b. Church controlled 80% of offices to help its influence in politics
2. Had possession of 450,000 acres in Poland
a. If you wanted land you must buy it from the church directly
b. The church then became more powerful than Govt.
II. Poland and the church during communism 3. The church fighting the war a. The church did not want to loose power b. Clergymen made up most of the soldiers c. 1/3 of clergymen in Poland died
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The soviets had millions of dollars that were due to Poland from trading credit. They never paid them, making Poland goes deeper into debt. Poland could not get loans from international banks because of the bad credit the soviets forced them into. Therefore, Poland tried to communicate with the American-Poles to raise funds. At the rate Poland was going, the structure of Poland would soon collapse. Help finally came from America, but not just from the polish people. The former President of the United States Ronald Regan received multiple letters and calls from poles and Poland alike begging for help. He negotiated with Poland and eventually gave them a loan for 1 billion dollars. (Gilbert)This loan boosted the economy and allowed Poland to produce its own currency. However, not all problems in Poland derived from just the communist.

There were problems of different types that were among the people. These problems occurred because of the Catholic Church. The church was very stubborn and seen as stuck up. They would not preach in polish but Latin or Greek making hundreds of thousands to leave the church. Eventually the church changed but there was still a stigma about the church. Today there aren't many attendees of the church anymore. The church also did not face to issues of the day. The church did not preach against drug use. In the 1990's narcotics rose by two times. The needles people were using were

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