The Dehumanization Of Jewish People During The Holocaust

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As anyone like myself who has heard of the Holocaust era, we can only imagine what a devastating and tragic time that must’ve been for the Jewish people. Imagine being torn away from your families and your basic necessities, and then thrown into captivity for no plausible reason. Then tortured like you were some kind of criminal who deserved to be mistreated and dehumanized.
As I hear more about this horrific event that took place and listen to stories from some of the victims, I can’t help but question how and why something this despicable went unnoticed for so long in the first place. How were the Germans allowed to get away with this kind of abuse without anyone interfering and preventing this from happening?
How in the world did it go on for so long leading to the death of nearly 6,000,000 Jewish people? It is so mind
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Germany then invaded Poland, which began World War II. By 1940 ghettos were established for the Jews. Jews were then deported from their homes to live in these overcrowded ghettos. Due to the lack of food, water, space, and sanitary facilities, many died from deprivation and starvation. The ghettos assisted the Nazis in a sense by assisting with the elimination of the Jewish communities. By 1941, the “Final Solution” had begun; this consisted of four mobile killing groups that went into every town and gathered all the Jews, stripped them of everything, lined them up, and shot them with automatic weapons. 30,000-35,000 Jews were killed in two days. Eventually the German government had a meeting and decided to initiate a system of mass murdering of the Jews. Immediately after the meeting, the plan of full scale, comprehensive extermination operation of the Jews began. The Jews were marked for systematic and total annihilation. Auschwitz death camp began to keep records of all the deaths that took place, including the method of killing as

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