Pokemon Sun and Moon Speculation Essay

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Yoo what is going on guys my name is mew2fannate and today I am bringing you my first speculation video regarding potential Mega Evolutions for the new Pokémon games coming out later this year.
Considering the titles of these new games, are Pokémon Sun and Moon, I think it might be appropriate to look at Pokémon that utilize the Sun stone and Moon stone to evolve. We will be looking at how this can impact the game from a competitive standpoint and we will be rating on a scale of 1 to 10 each individual mega on how likely game freak would make this go from speculation to reality. Now let’s get into it!
The first Pokémon on our list evolves using the Sun Stone. Sunflora is a Pokémon from gen 2 that overall below average stats, but what
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The next Pokémon we will be looking at also utilizes the Moon Stone to evolve. The Pokémon Clefable is a Pokémon that doesn’t really need a mega evolution to be viable. It has some really nice defensive stats, access to some great abilities in Magic Guard and Unaware which really makes it difficult to set up and sweep or stall this thing out. If Clefable were to get a mega evolution, I don’t see it being used any differently than it already is, although if it were to get a decent boost in its attack stat with maybe a more offensive ability I can see it being ran as a mixed attacker. It has access to moves such as drain punch, meteor mash, Zen head-butt and the rest of the elemental punches which I’d like to see it be used more often without being too broken. Likeliness of the mega- 5/10
The next Pokémon we will talk about evolves via sun stone. The Pokémon Bellossom is a Pokémon with huge potential for mega evolution, and its stats are solid all around. The one thing really holding it back is its lousy speed stat. Now if Bellossom were to mega evolve it can potentially fix this problem. Bellossom has access to a half decent form of speed control in stun spore, crippling its opponents speed to 25% of what it was. The mega evolution might allow Bellossom to become tankier than it already is and dish back more powerful hits. – I’m going to rate this 3/10 just because I feel as though they

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