Poetry Analysis Essay Example

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When I originally came to America, I was terrible at writing. I improved very quickly in my speaking, listening, and reading skills, but writing was much harder for me because in South Korea, I never had any writing assignments during middle and high school; therefore, I never had any real chance to improve my writing skills. Furthermore, creating concrete thesis statements has always been one of the hardest aspects of writing a paper for me. I have struggled to narrow down my opinion to a specific thesis; my thesis statements have always been too vague. Also, since my speaking has improved the most, I use a lot of informal language. Therefore, I have struggled with using formal language in my writing; however, after taking this course, College …show more content…
I realized that the other assignments that professor assigned were not as hard as this poem analysis because I had never done it in high school. Furthermore, I kept relating this poem to my personal experiences because I viewed this essay as a reading response paper, which I should not have done. My focus should have been on analyzing the poem with supportive evidence and not about making it on what I thought and felt about the poem. Moreover, citing the poem was another hard thing to do. It was quite different from citing a book. Therefore, the poem critical analysis essay was the most challenging essay that I had to do.
Taking this course, College Wring, definitely helped me to write better essays. As I mentioned previously, my skills at creating thesis statements have improved. For my research paper, the professor told me that my thesis was strong and clear. Furthermore, my informality in my essays has significantly improved in my opinion. I have begun to use formal words and not informal words. Thus, I have changed my tone of voice in my essays to be more formal. Therefore, this course has helped me to write better essays, especially by making my essays more

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