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Description of business

D Bristol’s Bakery is a sole trader type of business which would established in 2014. It will be owned by me Robert Bristol the sole trader who will be directing every aspect of the business. This bakery will be producing the most delectable and healthiest bread and pastries such as cakes, sausage rolls, buns, tarts, patties, pies, puddings, muffins and cookies. The main objective of the business will be: * To satisfy the needs and wants of potential customers in Carriacou. * To provide customers with delicious and healthy pastries while building sound relationship with customers. * Aim at being the best while making a profit for the business.

Justification of
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At J Bristol’s bakery my personal savings will help to finance the business. I have managed to save a total of $22,000 which I gained from helping my uncle at his joiner shop together with $ 10,000 borrowed from the bank which will be used to buy raw materials for the bakery and whatever the business needs to carryout production effectively. When my bakery is successful in making profits the money earned would be used to pay back the bank and pay my employees.

Role of entrepreneur
An entrepreneur is an owner or manager of a business enterprise who makes money through risk and initiative. I being the entrepreneur of the business my role will be to make correct decisions for my business and organize and coordinate all the other factors of production to ensure that production takes place. Also to advertise the goods sold by my business, adding to that I should be prepare to bear risks. Functions of the entrepreneur: 1. To pay fair salaries to employees at the end of their working period. 2. To make sure raw materials are ordered and delivered in time for production. 3. To implement different strategies to improve the growth and development of the business.

Types of production Secondary production: in this stage of productions involves the manufacturing industries. These industries take raw material from the extractive industry and turn it into finished goods. At my bakery raw materials such as flour, yeast, spices etc

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