Pleasant Grove Animal Hospital Essay

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Pleasant Grove Animal Hospital (PGAH), owned by Dr. Stacey Herndershott, is a full service animal hospital that opened their doors in 2010. They are located at 4307 McKnight Road in Texarkana, Texas, and they just closed on a satellite clinic in New Boston, Texas. They provide routine preventative care, early detection and treatment of diseases, as well as complete medical and surgical care (Interview).
Environmental Analysis
Social Trends
One social trend which has had an impact on society is the humanization trend. “Pet owners treat their pets like children and are highly receptive to products similar to the ones they use for themselves" (Gazdik, 2014). "In fact, caring for a pet 's health is the most powerful trend within the industry" (Pet Care Industry Analysis, 2016). Pet wellness checkups have been trending for some time now as well. Some believe that taking their furry friend in for wellness visits can help keep future vet bills down but this has not yet been proven (Dogs Naturally Magazine, n.d.). Another trend, is feeding your pet the healthiest food that money can buy. "According to the APPA, Americans spent a total of $23.04 billion on pet food, $14.39 billion on supplies/OTC medicines, and $15.73 billion on vet bills" (Josephson, 2016). With these positive pet trends constantly on the rise there are no signs that they will start slowing down anytime soon.
Economic Trends
Despite the slow growth moving forward from the 2008 financial crisis, the 2016…

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