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Fall 2013

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Introduction to Creative Cantonese Playwriting
Mr. Wu Hoi Fai (Email: Vickie Wong (Rm 4592, Tel: 2358-5791; Email: Wednesday; 10:30- 12:30 Common Room 3, Student Gallery, LG4 (Lift 6) By appointment

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This course is to introduce the basic elements of playwriting. Students will be encouraged to express their concerns and feelings through drama. They will also learn to appreciate a play and have a preliminary understanding of Hong Kong theatre. Representative plays in the world drama repertoire, with emphasis on Hong Kong theatre, will be selected for illustration in class. Each student is
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Building up the materials Class activities  Adding dialogues to build a complete scene. Developing the materials  To identify and explain basic elements of a play such as conflict and characters. Class activities  The students will be guided to use these elements to re-examine and improve their scene. Learning from the masters  Analyze representative examples of world and local drama repertoire  Understand how a playwright develops a sound structure for a play, creates characters to propel the action and explores an issue on stage. Conclusion  Review of students’ whole creative process and their theatre reviews  Consolidate what students have learnt and resolve possible queries.  Students share their play scripts in class and discuss with their classmates and the instructor.  Introduce potential directions for students who are interested in continuing their creative work.


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Assessment Tasks Attendance & Course Participation (20%) 1. Students are expected to attend classes and participate in discussions and critiques. 2. The student is required to be actively involved in the practical exercises and discussion in class. Attendance will be taken in the beginning of each session after the add-drop period. Being late or leaving early twice will be counted as one absence. For

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