Plato 's View On The People Of The Earth Essay

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Socrates then creates a myth that only the guardians will tell the citizens. They will tell the people that they aren’t really children that came from human parents, but the children of the earth. After being born, part of the earth remained inside of each citizen, gold, silver or bronze. People with gold are “those capable of ruling, which is why they are most honorable” (100). Where as the silver people get into auxiliaries and the bronze people of course are at the bottom of the chain being farmers and craftsmen. Each class should then be educated and live separately from one another, and they were also taught to only breed with those that have soul like their own. From this Plato’s true thoughts can be sought out. Plato does not seem to think the wise should just make their case to the people the best they can and then leave it up to the people to form opinions. He tiptoes over the idea that to better the city it should not be left for the comparably weaker or ignorant people, but instead by pretty much brain washing the people by teaching them not to question their rulers. This is where the myth above comes into play. The goal Plato is trying to reach from having this lie told to the children is to make each one care more about the people and the city and less about themselves and their self-gain. By boiling it down to the idea that citizens are merely a piece of gold silver or bronze gives them the acceptance that they belong to this status they were born into…

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