Essay on Plato 's Philosophy Of Philosophy

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In order to understand a certain philosopher’s way of thinking, it is important to have a little bit of schema on his life as well as his influences along the way. Plato was born in Athens approximately near the time of 428 B.C. He was thought to be taught by some of the most prestigious educators which more than likely influenced his interest in the study of metaphysics (study of nature) and epistemology (study of knowledge). Plato was fortunate enough to meet the Greek philosopher Socrates. They even became close confidants and Socrates was a powerful mentor to Plato. Socrates was known for his great personality and character. When Socrates proposed an argument he never lectured, but rather he would be open to other opinions and ideas. Socrates did not formally write out anything, instead he spoke it all out loud. Plato greatly respected Socrates’ dialogues and debates. Although Plato and Socrates were close associates, they did differ in the avenue they chose to express their ideas. For example, Plato was a writer. He wrote about numerous topics like cosmology, political philosophy, philosophy of language, and epistemology. Plato didn’t, however, write a biography, nor did he write a scholarly analysis of his master’s thought. He has left us a large number of dialogues, or conversations, in most of which Socrates is a participant, often the central figure. Socrates, himself, wrote merely nothing. The fact that nothing was written out by Socrates poses a…

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