Plato 's Five Dialogues By Plato Essay

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One must constantly go through the process of introspection in order to live an examined life to not be swayed by popular opinion but instead become knowledgeable of the world around them and the self. For Socrates, to care for the soul is the most crucial responsibility in life because of his belief that the soul of an individual is the true being of who a person really is. Throughout the book of Plato’s Five Dialogues, Socrates constantly questions society’s ethics and emphasizes how important it is for one to question and examine the world around them in order to care for the soul. Those who choose to live an unexamined life are losing the chance of attaining knowledge and becoming corrupted by choosing to live blindly based on popular opinion instead of their own beliefs. In order for people to live the good life, they must constantly question and think about things by observing and examining the world with an open mind. Not only is this a way to help broaden their perspective of the world but the soul is also prevented from being obstructed by injustice and corruption. It is my view that Socrates position on the philosophical life is important to apply to our lives because, in order to become an ethical person, we must educate ourselves through the methodology of questioning so we can avoid our souls from becoming corrupted by solely indulging in societies ideals of happiness being wealth and appearance.
According to both Plato and Socrates, to ‘take care of the soul’…

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