Plastic Surgery : Power, Coercion, And Colonialism Essay

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Plastic Surgery: Power, Coercion, & Colonialism
Cosmetic surgery has grown tremendously since it was World War II, when it was first used to help injured soldiers reconstruct their damaged bodies. Over the years, more and more people, mostly women, have been getting plastic surgery for fact that they don’t feel beautiful enough. Kathryn Pauly Morgan points to the rise of woman getting plastic surgery and how women 's bodies have become seen as a representation of how woman should look rather than embracing women for who they truly are. A lot of these ideals are being spread throughout the world through plastic advertisements that make woman rethink their bodies. This has had a massive effect on South Korean women, where they see ads for chin reduction, breast implants, and eye augmentation. This is a problem because due to the fact that plastic surgery exists within a power dynamic where women 's bodies are used as a colonialist tool and are the social construction of gendered ideals.
The South Korean ad shows a before- and - after shot of a South Korean woman. In the before shot, the woman has a elongated chin, flat nose, small lips, and small eyes. Shes has a label above her: “Good Girl.” The after shot is one where the same girl has had her chin reduced by a very noticeable amount, her nose has been reconstructed to make it more prominent and sharp, her lips have clearly been enhanced with some sort of filler, and her eyes are now larger. The label above this girl is…

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