Essay on Planning On Buying A Purchase

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For this assignment I have chosen to complete option one’s questions. When thinking about what steps you should take prior to making a purchase it will all come down to what you are planning on buying. For instance, when buying your everyday needs, you most likely will go to the closest (and cheapest) place to your home or work. However, if the purchase you are about to make is something like a new computer, furniture, or even a new pet, then you will need to need to do your homework and shop around online, in-store, and also ask friends where they have purchased their item. Price is always going to rule where consumers make their purchases. Secondly, it is important to make the consideration of whether or not the brand name is something that really matters to you, as this will add to the cost of the item. There are times that buying the “real deal” does matter, due to it being a higher quality product. Budgeting for this bigger purchase will be something to think about also. Many people are willing to charge the big ticket items, and figure that they will pay it off later. It is very important to think about trying to save the money to buy the item with cash, always think if I can’t afford it right now do I need it right now? While you are in the stage of actually making the purchase, it is a good idea to do one more quick search to ensure you are getting the best deal possible. As our text book states, it is a good idea to remember the sales tax. This is…

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