Plan Implementation Of The Ra Plan Essay examples

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Introduction to the RA Plan.
The purpose and importance of the RA Plan will be to provide an up to date Risk Assessment of the Department of Defense Defense Logistics Agency Defense Logistics Information Service. The current RA Plan has become outdated due to advancements in technology, technology vulnerability and exploitation, government regulations, and data protection standards. The new RA Plan project will be designed to bring the plan up to date with all requirements and set a ready framework for further updates as required. The importance of the plan is stated as the necessity to proactively secure and protect the information the DLIS is accountable for.

Outline for RA Plan completion The Outline for the RA Plan completion is contingent on exigency determined by the management of the DLIS. The two primary progressions are dependent on the delivery date requirements for the RA Plan as set forth by the DLIS. The RA Plan project will need to be provisioned for one of two progressions toward a solution. Option 1 would be to use a large contingent to generate the RA plan in a short period of time. Option 2 would be to use a small contingent to generate the RA plan over an extended period of time.

Scope and boundaries for the plan
The scope of the DLIS/DLA RA Plan project will include the DLIS management structure, personnel and the customers who require the DLA information. The DLA has in excess of 26,000 employees. This RA Plan scope will include all of…

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