Plagiarism: Questions And Answers

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1) Since I can miss class five times without having my grade penalized the four absences is alright. Due to the fact that I was also late to class seven times and one lateness is counted as half an absent, my total absences is 7 ½ times. Since you (Professor Koskela) does not distinguish between excused and unexcused absences my total number of absences remains as 7 ½ times. Subsequently, each additionally absent after the fifth lowers your finally grade 5% for each absent my final grade will be an 87% (B+).
2) Homework such as reading questions and formal papers are to be turned in through BlackBoard SafeAssign. The assignments are to be uploaded on their due dates before class has started.
3) Each late assignment is docked 10% for each
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Although you paraphrase what they wrote it is still considered plagiarism if you do not include the source at which you got the information from. Scholastic dishonestly can result in penalizing actions just like this …show more content…
The 1724 Code Noir includes this same law but instead of the double fine, there is only one which is to be deprived of the slave and children. I think this is because they have more superior law being enforced in the 1724 Code Noir that there is no need to pay a sugar fine of two thousand pounds. Other than that one minor difference, the laws are the same but just worded differently.
8) Rather than a bill being passed an amendment was being offered. The way this amendment would end slavery is it would enact abolition in a democratic process. The democratic process will allow the people to make the decision as to slaves being free.
9) Slaves wind up as slaves by being convicts. They become slaves when they sacrificed their freedom and break the laws of their country. I believe they are then deemed as slaves because instead of locking them up their punishment is hard labor for others (the white people).
10) The most profitable way of managing slaves is to treat them right. Give them food that will makes they strong and have tons of energy and have them work moderately and not to the point where they cannot work anymore. By treating the slaves like this they will live longer and finish the work they are supposed to get

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