Pitch Perfect Character Analysis

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Sacrifices of a Leader
In the movie Pitch Perfect, an all-girls a cappella singing group named the Barden Bellas compete against their rival team, The Treblemakers, to win their dream of becoming the International Champions of Collegiate A Cappella. The Barden Bellas go through a series of trial and error as they figure out a routine that will make themselves shine over their talented competition. In order to win the title, three main leaders, Jesse Swanson, Aubrey Posen and Beca Mitchell, sacrifice themselves to help better the team in their chances of winning the championship. Jesse Swanson shows his leadership and sacrifice by stepping up in place of his team leader, Bumper Allen, who decides to leave a few days before the championships. Jesse is an outgoing freshman at Barden University who decides to try out to be apart of the Treblemakers a cappella group. Jesse makes it into the group with his exceptional vocal talents and begins to slowly take on the role as the team’s leader. Jesse first begins to show leadership when all the school’s a cappella groups were at the Riff off when he leads a few of the songs. The riff off is where the a cappella groups get together to to have a somewhat friendly competition. The teams sing a capella covers of songs related to certain genres chosen. The rules are any time a group takes over from another group, they have to match the last word the team left off on. They have to catch the word in
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Sacrifice can can be anything from taking a risk on a friend, handing over power to a rookie or even leading a team into championships for the first time. All leaders must give a little of themselves to better their team and in the end it is worth it for everyone. Jesse Swanson, Aubrey Posen and Beca Mitchell all show these qualities throughout the movie when they sacrifice themselves to better prepare their teams chances to win the

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