Pico's Description Of Human Nature

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Assignment 5 Pico says that everything that the others had said to describe human nature was great reasons but did not get deep enough in to the core of human nature. He said all the things that were brought up did not give humans any better status then angels in heaven. Pico goes on to say that he believes he has come up with man is the most advantageous of all the creatures, therefore requiring the highest respect, not only from the beasts on earth but the stars in heaven. Pico says it is the reason that man is the greatest miracle and a wonderful creation. Pico says when God was done creating the earth; he thought that his creation needed a being to love its endless beauty, to ponder his great work. He said God did not have a prototype for this being. All things were perfect; everything was in its proper place. Pico said that God’s love would not allow the creature that was suppose to love God’s creation, to be forced to condemn itself as a creature of God. …show more content…
He said God created Adam and said to Adam that there is no specific place for him to live, also that is not a function that is human specific. According to thoughts and decisions, you can own and build whatever to live in or around. God also told Adam that he had no limit and that he could choose what he wanted to do and be without limits. Pico said God placed Adam in the center so he could observe everything else in the world. Adam was created unique to everything in the heavens and unique to everything on earth. Pico said God gave Adam the feeling of dignity and the ability to have free choice so that he could make himself whatever he so desired. Humans were given the ability to make themselves worth less than the animal creatures and have the ability to, with their inference and comprehension to become closer to

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