Piaget's Four Stages Of Development

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Piaget believed that children develop their own knowledge and concept of the world over the years as they grow. He believed that children go through sudden outbursts of mental changes that are pursued by great support as they move to the next step. Within his theory there are four separate steps and stages of development. Children develop at an astonishing rate during the early years of their lives and most importantly their cognitive development is influenced by their surroundings. Furthermore, Piaget’s theory looks at the development of the mind and its cognitive growth over the years within childhood. In Piaget’s theory we study early childhood through the four steps consisting of sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, and formal …show more content…
In the concrete operational stage, the children start to understand the concept of the previously mentioned “conservation”. They understand that the quantity does not change if the form is different. They also start to understand basic mathematical arithmetic and are able to do reverse arithmetic at the same time. Most of the concrete operational stage is developed on the actual experience of the children. The last stage in Piaget’s theory on cognitive development is the formal operational stage. The formal operational stage develops around adolescence or around the age of twelve. In the formal operational stage, children no longer need to think on the basis of actual experience of evidence. Instead, they start developing the mindset of “if…..” in which they start considering hypothetical situations. Furthermore, these four stages are the basics of Piaget’s stage of cognitive development. Piaget’s stages of cognitive development appoint many different types of growths and advancements in early childhood. Furthermore, the four stages dictate the time and status of growth through the development of the children’s mind and personality. However, certain components of Piaget’s theory are disapproved by our contemporary scientists but are still considered valuable. Moreover, Piaget still introduces new concepts of cognitive development in early childhood development. In the end, Piaget’s theory and stages of cognitive development are a good reference to study the development of the mind and its

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