Piaget 's Theory On Childhood Cognitive Development Essay

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Piaget believed that children develop their own knowledge and concept of the world over the years as they grow. He believed that children go through sudden outbursts of mental changes that are pursued by great support as they move to the next step. Within his theory there are four separate steps and stages of development. Children develop at an astonishing rate during the early years of their lives and most importantly their cognitive development is influenced by their surroundings. Furthermore, Piaget’s theory looks at the development of the mind and its cognitive growth over the years within childhood. In Piaget’s theory we study early childhood through the four steps consisting of sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, and formal operational. These four steps are the basics of Piaget’s theory on childhood cognitive development and discuss the changes that occur in mind step by step.
In Piaget’s theory, the sensorimotor stage starts at birth and ends around the age of two. Myers and DeWall, describe object permanence as the awareness of an object that is not within sight and in Piaget’s theory infants do not develop object permanence until they reach eight months. (2014) Furthermore, many current day scientists do not believe that object permanence develops at eight months; instead they believe that it unfolds gradually and that it develops in a more continuous fashion. Piaget’s theory described object permanence as a sudden development rather than a…

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