Piaget 's Four Stages Of Cognitive Development Theory Essay

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According to Piaget’s four stages of cognitive development theory (Santrock, 2014), I would be in the formal operational stage. This stage can begin as early as 11 and continue throughout the lifespan developmental process. In this stage one begins to reason in more abstract, idealistic, and logical ways (Santrock 2014). I would say that I have been in this stage for many years now, and have made a lot of developmental progress throughout this cognitive stage. For example, over the years I have begun to use more logical reasoning in my thinking process. Whereas, once in my life I was not able to logically think about the world around me. Most of my thoughts were centered on the things I saw and how I perceived them. For instance, when I was younger I simply believed that if I just pretended something was not true, then it would just disappear and everything would be okay. Now at an older age, I am able to distinguish between things in a more logical and abstract way. The ability to control one’s emotions is a key dimension of development. In Carol Gilligan’s Care Perspective of Morality (Santrock, 2014), we began to connect to others and have concern for others. If we did not develop emotionally it would be hard for us to have any concern for other people. As I have developed throughout my life, I have learned to perceive and express my emotion more accurately and adaptively. This has allowed me to take the feelings and emotions of others into consideration. As…

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