Piaget And Vygotsky 's Influence On Children Essay

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Cognitive development is the formation of a thinking process, it includes particularly identification, recall, solve difficulties, problems, and to make decisions from childhood and adulthood (Ghazi, Khan, Shahzada, & Ullah, 2014). Two psychologist, Piaget and Vygotsky, had the most influence on how children learn. Both of them viewed knowledge as something children construct based off of their own experiences. However, they both had totally different approaches and different viewpoints that highlighted different aspects of a child’s cognitive development. Piaget’s focus was mostly on the way a child acts upon an object in their atmosphere to build a model of the way the world works. He thought that the physical environment was the most important, and that the parents job was to make sure that the environment was stimulating. While Vygotsky focused more at the way children obtain knowledge through interactions with people, and the role that language plays. He believed that the social environment was the most important, and that the parents job is to help the child accomplish challenges that they aren’t capable enough to complete by themselves. Despite their differences they also had some similarities that they agreed on (Owens, 2012).
Piaget believed that a human is born with certain beliefs and potential to help him/her to grow. He also believed that every child has two different genotypes that get transmitted to him/her through the genetic media. The first type is…

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