Physioex 9.0 Cell Transport Mechanisms Essay

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Activity 1: Simulating Dialysis (Simple Diffusion) Lab Report

Review Sheet Results

1. 2. Describe two Variables that affect the rate of diffusion.

The two variables that affect the rate of diffusion are:

A. The size of the molecule. The larger molecule will diffuse more slowly than the smaller molecule. B. The nature of plasma membrane. If the membrane is composed of lipid portion., only lipid soluble molecules can pass through while water molecules cannot.

3. Why do you think the urea was not able to diffuse through 20 MWCO? How well did the results compare with your predictions?

The urea was not able to diffuse through 20 MWCO because the size of the pores of 20 MWCO was too small to
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On way in which osmosis is different from simple diffusion is that ions and molecules are transported through the membrane while in osmosis water molecules are transported through a selectively permeable membrane.

3. Solutes are sometimes measured in millisomoles. Explain the statement, “Water chases millionsoles.”

It means when the concentration of solutes increase, the concentration of water decrease. Osmosis is the process of diffusion of water. It happens when there is difference of water concentration between two places which is separated by a membrane. Water will diffuse from a low concentration of solutes from one size to a higher concentration of solutes of the other size.

4. The conditions of 9mM albumin in the left beaker and 10mM glucose in the right beaker with 200 MWCO membrane in place. Explain the results. How did the results compared with your prediction.

The molecules of 10mM glucose could pass through the 200 MWCO membrane from the right beaker to left beaker until the equilibrium was reached. At this point, the concentration of glucose between two sides is equal. On the other hand, the molecules of 9 Mm albumin could not pass through the 200 MWCO membrane that kept in the left beaker and a osmotic pressure of 15m mmHg was built up.

I obtained the results from the experiment supported my predictions because glucose could diffuse

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