Physics : Physics Of Physics Essay

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AP Physics Extra Credit Physics is the study of matter, and its motion. Famous physicists such as Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton were not the only ones who used physics and its concepts in their careers. Multiple jobs, ranging from airline pilots to roller coaster engineers, use the subject every day whether they know it or not. Physics is a significant topic, for it helps us understand the world around us and it applies to other fields such as biology and chemistry. Kinematics is the study of motion, with no regard to forces that cause the movement. One career that uses this concept is a roller coaster engineer. When creating roller coasters, these engineers have to think about multiple factors including safety, the surroundings of the park, and the budget. They usually work in a team, with all team members having a different part of the roller coaster to work on. Loops and high heights are some aspects that may be added to increase the thrill of the ride. There is no specific major for roller coaster engineering. Usually a team consists of electrical and mechanical engineers. A bachelor’s degree is required, and students should take additional physics and math courses. A state license is required as well. Beginning roller coaster engineers work with an already licensed engineer for about 4 years to prepare for the licensing exam. These engineers have to deal with kinematics, by for example considering what speed is necessary for the launch and the ending of the ride,…

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