Essay on Physics Of Science And Mathematics

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We, applied science majors, must master our chosen craft, for when we are required to speak, we do so from a point of experience and knowledge, free of coersive influence. To gain this expertice, the applied science major must dilligently learn and apply numerous laws of science and mathematics during our acedemic and professional career. There are those laws and mathematical technique and concepts that once learn, fade with time, and it is the intend of this text to provide a source that rekindles those once know concepts, and just as important, to prevent them from fading away in the first place.
The function f(w) = 80e−0.5w+20, where w represents the number of weeks after learning the information, describes the percentage of information retained w weeks after being covered.
To that end, this text provides an outline of the science and math subjects covered in post-secondary institutions. Topics such as Newton’s Law of motion, Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetism, Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, and Numerical Methods are covered. In addition, a set of practice problems are listed at the end of the text to challenge the reader, and aid in recalling those mathematic and science principles.

Fundamental to any field of applied science is the ability to apply the laws that govern the system of study. At a high level, these systems can be static or dynamic. In the case of dynamics systems, we study the of rate of change of physical systems and its resulting…

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