Physics Of International Relations Realism, Liberalism, And Constructivism

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1. Studying International Relations (IR) is very important in today 's society, with things like the Syrian civil war and the ISIS take over in Iraq. Studying international relations is consolidating of all of the information that we receive from the media, and examining it from numerous, and opposing points of view. There are three theories in international relations Realism, Liberalism, and Constructivism to study international relations you must first understand each of these theories and how they relate or differ. Each theory in international relations is essentially a different approach to problem solving in the international community, it helps us to understand why war and conflicts exist.
2. Realism is often considered the pessimistic or negative approach to things. One with a realistic perspective would take the approach of seeing the glass as half empty, as opposed to the liberalist approach, which is more of a glass half full attitude.(Schweller,Randall) Though these might mean the same things, the way that each arrived at their conclusion, and their reasoning for thinking the way they do may differ completely. Realism is a theory based on security and power, while a liberalistic approach will exhaust all efforts in order to avoid any sort of armed conflict. A realist does not believe in any sort of utopian or perfect societies, instead, they recognize a society in which tragedy and evil do exist. It is still most realists ' hope that people will choose…

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