Physics Experiments And Coding Lines Essay

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“That is the price that you have to pay for your curiosity!” – Stated my father. I was there, a four years old kid, lying down with a lot of pain, second and third degree burns in my lower body. Kerosene, gasoline, and alcohol mixed in bad proportion were not effective as a propellant for my homemade rocket. When my grandfather asked me why I wanted to make a rocket? I answered: “Well, I want to see the stars better, and the best way is being close to them!” - He just smiles. I just was made my first experiment with a purpose to make a closed observation. I spend three month staring at my burns and visualising how my body repaired all this blisters and destroyed tissues that was fantastic!

Before medical school, I studied electronics, this field was strictly mathematical and logical oriented. Analysing circuits, physics experiments and coding lines for microprocessors provide me a methodical, logical, creative and flexible approach to tackle any problem. After, in my third year of medical school, I was exposed to the amazing world of pathology. I enjoyed watching how pathologists with great pattern recognition, were the only one that provides real and consistent answers about what is the most likely diagnostic. Is not this attractive? For me it is! Pathologist explained not only the black and white, because this is rarely seen in medicine, but the power of explain the gray shade in diagnosis, in order to do this, the pathologist have a profound understanding of the…

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