Physician Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal Essay

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Not until the 1980’s, the only treatment option for a terminally ill patient was minimizing the pain during their final months. Dr. Jack Kevorkian, who is credited for inventing one of the first assisted suicide machines, is responsible for opening up the debate about physician assisted suicide. The debate has grown since Dr. Kevorkian was arrested in the 1990’s for the murders of some of his patients. Today, some may still argue that certain religions restrict the hastening of death for anyone. However, physician assisted suicide should be considered as another form of end-of –life care. Physicians need to be willing to provide their patients with the best treatment options, even if they include physician assisted suicide. Once palliative care has failed, physician assisted suicide must become an option. All citizens, including terminally ill patients, should have the right to choose when and how they die peacefully. Physician assisted suicide must be made legal in the United States of America.
Physician assisted suicide should be made legal even though some religious groups are against hastening a person’s death. “Some doctors automatically object for religious reasons” (Humphry 174). Even though some religions do object, there is no reason to restrict everyone else’s access to this humane treatment option. The religious groups would not have to participate if physician assisted suicide became legal in all fifty states. “Lord Carey previously opposed assisted suicide but…

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