Physician Assisted Suicide As A Choice For Terminally Ill Patients

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Physician-Assisted Suicide Is physician-assisted suicide different from suicide? Does a person have the right to take their own life? Is suicide acceptable if a person is in pain and their isn’t a cure for their condition? Physician-assisted suicide is often debated as whether it should be legal or illegal. Euthanasia, another term for this practice, means “good death,” but not everyone agrees with that statement ( This practice has been around since the fifteenth century and has been a pain depressant for many people. Most patients that endure extreme pain or have an incurable disease look at this method as an easy, pain free way to die with dignity. Physician-assisted suicide is a choice for terminally ill patients to choose to die on their own terms.
In America, euthanasia has been debated whether it should be legal to let a person assisted someone else in their own death. Ever since 500 B.C., religious groups have contemplated on the situation and if it should be allowed or not. In the early seventeenth century, suicide and assisted suicide was prohibited in American colonies. During the seventeenth and eighteenth century, writers challenged church opposition of euthanasia. It wasn’t until the late eighteenth century that American Evangelical Christians rejected suicide and euthanasia ( Religious groups have always had issues accepting the idea that someone would want to kill themselves. Since then, religious…

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