Physician Assisted Suicide And The United States Essay

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Physician-assisted suicide refers to the case in which a patient can have a physician end his/her life as painlessly and with as much dignity as possible. Currently, only Montana, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington have legalized physician-assisted suicide (Death with Dignity Center), and to be eligible, a patient must have a terminal illness from which they will die in six months or fewer (Norman-Eady, YR). For example, if someone is suffering from depression, s/he cannot simply ask a physician for assistance in committing suicide. There are many pros and cons to this procedure, but it may appear to be an attractive option for a person who wishes to put an end to unbearable pain and suffering.
In the United States, if a patient lives is a resident of one of those states they have to the right to seek a physician to end there suffering. There have been cases where patients would move to one of these states to take advantage of these laws. These patients have these rights under the Death with Dignity Act which was first enacted on October 27, 1997, in Oregon which allows a physician to legally administered lethal medications to a patient (Dwad.Info).
With that in mind, suicide is one of the top 10 leading causes of death in the United States (WISQARS). These numbers will be much higher if the legalization of physician-assisted suicide becomes widespread. Many factors influence this decision, and there will always be people who wish to end their lives because they are suffering…

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