Phobias : Phobias, And The Fear Of Enclosed Spaces ( Claustrophobia )

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"Phobia" means "morbid fear" in greek (What is Phobia, 2014). Fear is a natural response to a genuine danger. Phobias are the emotional and physical reactions to feared objects or situations; this fear becomes irrational and excessive. Feelings of horror, panic and terror may occur. Reactions become automatic and uncontrollable, taking over a person 's thoughts and sometimes causing physical symptoms. These symptoms can include rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, trembling and overwhelming desire to avoid the feared object or situation.

There are three major categories of phobias. First category called specific phobias focuses on certain objects, animals, people and situations. Some of the most recognized phobias fall under this category; the fear of heights (acrophobia), the fear of spiders (arachnophobia) and the fear of enclosed spaces(claustrophobia). The second major category is the fear of open spaces (agoraphobia). Most individual affected by this become prisoner in their own homes. The third category of phobias, one of the most common phobias and often associated with addiction, social phobia or also known as social anxiety disorder; the fear of observation or judgement of others. According to the Cleveland Clinic, this affects up to 13 percent of the population (Cleveland Clinic, 2013). The biggest example of this is public speaking.

Classical conditioning is a learning process that occurs when association is made between an environmental stimulus and a…

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