Essay on Philosophy And Its Impact On Human Behavior

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Philosophy has many different definitions as well as applications, however seems to be

an area of study concentrated on critiquing and understanding the many questions of the world

as well as human behavior. Although the focus on human behavior may cause one to consider

philosophy a part of psychology, there are many distinctions. Alongside studies such as biology,

psychology has a more definite and concrete method of study. For instance, although both

analyze human nature, psychology does so through statistical evidence and biological elements.

Philosophy is the application of critical thinking techniques to attempt to answer the big

questions humans have about the world. The ambiguity is in itself the essence of philosophy, for

one can read a story by Socrates and interpret it in vastly different ways according to their own

reality. The answer to the question of what is philosophy begins the study of philosophy, by

prompting wonder and speculation.

The various areas of philosophy include metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, political

philosophy, and aesthetics. Metaphysics is the study of reality, which essentially strives to

separate reality from illusions. An object or concept is broken down into it’s most basic

substance. For instance, a metaphysicist would ask questions such as what would make an item

real. Epistemology begins studying human knowledge. This is field of philosophy is one that

can be more closely confused with areas of study…

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