Symbolism Of Power In Plato's Allegory Of The Cave

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In the "Allegory of the Cave," Plato is telling the story of his teacher Socrates in discussion with Glaucon a fellow philosopher. They are discussing a hypothetical situation. There is a group of prisoners who are held captive in the cave chained by the neck and feet. They cannot turn their head or move their bodies. All they can see are images in front of them and the glowing in the back of them from the side. The images are shadows that pass behind the prisoners but they don't know that because they are only allowed to look in one direction. They can hear the sound but do not know what they are.
I call this "the eyes-wide shut theory." I call it this because people are afraid to see the truth. Although the truth would set them free, the
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They cannot move or go anywhere because their minds are chained and keep the prisoners stuck. The light to me is hope, because if they walk into the light there is something to see at the end of it. So the light is a symbol for hope, courage and the realization that there is more to their existence than just a wall, shadows and sounds. The fire burning is a symbol of the burning desire for knowledge. I believe it is the burning desire for knowledge because like fire once you learn one lesson you almost need to learn more. If you learn the basics of driving a car you have the eager to be the best driver. It’s like a fire burning in needing to spread but at a steady low …show more content…
He also feels that if the ex-prisoner is sent back into the cave he will try very hard to get his peers to understand what is out there in the world past the light. However, his peers will think that he is crazy and they are comfortable where they are because they are afraid of what will see for themselves. They said their peer was crazy and none of the things he said were out of the cave existed. The prisoners were closed minded. The prisoners never seen the outside of the cave and they don't believe there is anything outside of the cave. Socrates I believe just wishes more people would think outside of the

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