Philosophies Of Perennialism, Progressivism And Social Recontructionism In Education

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TThere are four major educational philosophies Perennialism, essentialism, progressivism, and social recontructionism. These four philosophies focused on how educators should teach students. Perennials and essentials are teacher-centered philosophies in which students are forced to adjust to the teacher curriculum. These teachers-centered philosophies tend to be more authoritarian and conservative, and emphasize the values and knowledge that have survived through time. [Philosophy Education]. On the other hand, progressivism and social reconstructionism are student-centered philosophies in which the teacher adjusts to the students’ needs in order to plan curriculum. As well, progressivism and social reconstructionism philosophies …show more content…
As well social Reconstructionism curriculum focuses on students ' experiences and taking social action on real problems, such as violence, hunger, international terrorism, inflation, and inequality. Social Reconstructionism in education encourages teachers to guide a meaningful dialogue among students, but not to tell children how to think or what to believe. Teachers’ role is to get students invested in society’s issues while encouraging analysis and suggesting new perspectives [].
SSocial Reconstructionists focuses on social issues, and believes that education should solve social problems. Social Reconstructionists want students to actively work to improve society. I think it is good to teach students about the social problems that exist around the world, because children are the future. Education can really change the world for the better, school is the logical place to inform students at a young age about social problems in order to avoid those
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I strongly agree to all of them, because they all focus on preparing students for the future, and society. However, the ones that I agreed the most is progressivism, and social reconstruction, first because our American classrooms are filled with diversity. Teachers cannot assume that the same curriculum will fit all students. Teachers should take into consideration individual needs. As well, teachers need to recognize the diversity of their students and develop alternative routes to ensure that all of them acquire knowledge, according to their abilities and talents. Finally, educators must teaches students to deal with the problems of the society of which they form part. As a future teacher I will refer back to these philosophies to better suit the needs of my students, and to help them reach their fullest potential, and be prepare for their

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