Phenomenological And Narrative Of Phenomenological Research Essay

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Phenomenological and Narrative Research

A discussion comparing and contrasting two qualitative research methodologies, such as phenomenological and narrative analysis, will be the focus of this report. Further, different components of both analytical strategies will form the body of this document and includes the purpose, philosophical stance, role of the researcher and data analysis procedures. Finally, a comparison between phenomenological and narrative methodologies will form the conclusion of this report.
Phenomenological Research
The science of studying a person’s “lived-experience” or, phenomenological research, requires a researcher to delve into an individual’s apprehensions about issues which have caused turmoil to the psyche of the person (Sanders, 1982). A phenomenological researcher focus is the transcendental experience of the person; it is based not on observable data, but rather the unobserved aspect of a person’s perceived experience.
Philosophical Stance
According to Edmund Husserl, the German philosopher and the father of phenomenology, this type of science is an attempt to expound on an individual’s “experiences without metaphysical and theoretical speculations” (Sawicki, n.d.). In other words, the philosophical stance of phenomenological analysis is dependent on the consciousness of the human psyche and its inevitable link between the material and immaterial environment. It is qualitative in nature because many aspects of the research…

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