Essay On Mummies

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Egypt has a really big and important history like their gods, writing, mummies, Pyramids, Temples, Pharaohs, their amulets, slaves and the famous Nile river. Their civilization lasted for longer than any other civilization known.
Their way of life was very unique and religious, having unknown amounts of gods and strange beliefs of them.

The pharaoh were the leaders of the Egyptians and they were thought to be both gods and men. There were over 170 Pharaohs during their whole dynasties. Only males were supposed to have the title of pharaoh, but there were some cases of female Pharaohs like the famous Cleopatra.
As soon as a Pharaoh took the throne they would start building their burial tombs and pyramids, because it took too many
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Pharaohs were believed to be able to talk to gods, so anything that they requested must have been obeyed by everyone.
Ancient Egyptians believed in afterlife, and in order to achieve it, their bodies had to be preserved when they died.
There were many steps to preserve the bodies, between them there is the removing of all the organs but they left the heart in place.
After 40 or 50 days the bodies were wrapped in layers of linen that covered the whole
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They were among the first cultures to develop a system of writing, they believed it was important to write down everything that happened. The most famous system they used was the hieroglyphs, a mix of pictures and symbols.
Pyramids and Temples
Sculpture played an important part in the lives of ancient Egyptians.
Pyramids were built for the Pharaohs, they stored their treasures there because they believed that when they died they would be sent to a new world, they also put all their gold so they have all their things with them when they die, that’s why they built the pyramids.
The Egyptians also built temples to worship their many gods, and they had giant statues of them and their pharaohs.

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