Essay about Pew On The Prayer Of Service And Leadership

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Pew to the Pulpit a women’s call to service
Evangelism, prophesying, preaching, and ministering are all of the categories that are listed as a pastoral duty in a church. Whether it is Methodius, Baptist or Christian, the job in tells that you teach the word of god. A congregation consist of people coming to gather, and joining a place where they are comfortable, and content, that what they are being taught is going to get their hearts, and spirit were they need to be. There are different jobs in a church to help its congregation grow, and provide assistance to all whom come for the lord’s help. People whom volunteer there service in the church are; Ushers, door greeters, CD, and book desk people. There’s a board where elders and deacons of the church make decisions about the care, and finical part of the church. Now there are a lot of woman in the pulpit that are called into service and leadership.
In a recent article it said,” The world needs woman in ministry,” (piper). In this new twenty- Centre there are a lot of woman in leadership, were in the seventeen, and eighteenth, hundredths, woman were never to have any authority, the head of the church, or even prophesy to anyone. There were many woman recorded in the Bible who exhibited religious leadership. In Exodus 15:20, Miriam the daughter of Aaron was a prophet, and one of the triad of leaders of Israel during the Exodus from Egypt. In judges 4 & 5 Deborah, was a prophet judge, who headed the army of ancient Israel.…

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