The Gospel Of Jesus Analysis

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Before looking at Peter 's preaching, it is helpful to study who Peter was. Peter was a fisherman, a Jew, a Galilean, and a disciple of Jesus Christ. Peter joined the ministry of Jesus at the beginning and studied under Christ for three and half years. During his time with Christ, Peter made many mistakes, but he also had many triumphs. Peter was the only disciple to walk on water, and Peter was in the “inner circle” of Jesus’ disciples. He had the opportunity to get close to Jesus and learn everything that he could from Him. This time spent with Christ made Peter the leader that he was in the early church. Peter was greatly used of God after Christ ascended into heaven and the Holy Spirit indwelled him. Healing the sick, preaching the Gospel, and writing two books of the New Testament are all things that he was able to accomplish through the power of God. Looking at and understanding who Peter was can be beneficial to understanding his preaching. When studying his preaching, there are two notable messages of his that are found in the book of Acts in chapters two and ten. There are obvious differences between the two accounts as well as a couple …show more content…
The first similarity in the message is the emphasis on Christ 's resurrection. This truth is a foundational one for every believer. Without the resurrection of Jesus Christ, there would be no salvation. The Gospel is defined as the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ (I Corinthians 15:1-4). Peter understood this. This is why Peter included the resurrection in both of his messages. Furthermore, in both passages he explained that it was God that raised Jesus from the dead and made Him seen openly. The apostle Paul would include this as one of the needed beliefs for salvation (Romans 10:9). In order to be an effective messenger for God, Peter gave all the information needed for the hearers to be

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