Pet Abandonment Essay

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A Proposal to Investigate Effective Solutions to Pet Abandonment
Gökçen KUL

There are approximately 3032 animals who are gathered from streets in Çankaya [1]. This is a significant number because there are 941.501 people who live in Çankaya and this shows that one person in every 3000 people leaves their pets on the street [2]. Pets are very important in human life. According to a survey, 64.6% of people buy or adopt their pets because they need love, 8.9% of people buy or adopt pets because they need protection, and 8.9% of people buy or adopt the pet because they need a hobby [3]. This survey shows that people buy or adopt pets when they need to love somebody and need to be loved by somebody.
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In addition to their daily responsibilities, they need to satisfy pet’s needs. They need to feed the pet. They need to go to a veterinarian to control pet’s health condition. They need to play with them to keep the pet entertained. As it is shown the owner has to accomplish all those activities for his/her pet. This can be challenging for people so they leave their pets because they do not want the responsibilities anymore.
2.2. Change
Change means change in the current situation of the owner. His/her new life is not suitable for taking care of a pet. This can be because the pet owner is moving out and the owner of the new house does not want a pet in the house. Similarly, the pet owner becomes sick so that he/she cannot take care of a pet anymore. All those conditions create a different life for the owner and he/she cannot have a pet anymore, so he/she leave the pet alone on the street.
2.3. Losing Interest
When a pet becomes older, he/she cannot do the same things when he/she is younger similar to humans. When a pet is younger he/she can play more often so that he/she can entertain his/her owners. However, an old pet cannot play that often, and can become sick more easily, so the owner loses his/her interest for the pet so he/she leave the pet behind alone on the
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In this solution, there is a calendar which will help to gather the events related to pet, so the owner can see them easily. In addition to this, owner can find tutorials about how to teach his/her pet to gain behaviors. Similar to the previous feature, the owner can ask for his/her problems related to pet, so other owners or professionals can give advice about the problems. This feature of the application provides a supportive community for its users. Therefore, the users will be confident about their problems and they will see that they are not the only ones who encounter these problems, so they do not feel outsider about having pets. Their relationship with their pets will be much better. The owners will be committed to their

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