Peru 's Political, Economic, And Cultural Systems And Risks Essay

743 Words Oct 12th, 2016 3 Pages
This essay will examine Peru’s political, legal, economic, and cultural systems and risks. Additionally, analysis the challenges and opportunities of doing business in Peru. Finally, I will suggest a product to enter into Peru and why there is an opportunity for this product. 
 Peru 's political system is a constitutional republic with a multi-party system, and the government consists of three branches of government which are executive, legislative, and judicial. The executive branch contains the president and two vice presidents. The president is head of the state and government elected by popular vote for a five-year term in addition to eligibility for nonconsecutive terms (IBP, Inc. 13). Additionally, the president appoints the council of ministers in Peru there are eighteen different miseries such as environment, defense, as well as education (Honda 33). The legislative branch made up of one hundred thirty members of Congress to serve a five-year term. The members of Congress are elected jointly with the president. Finally, the judicial branch which follows the Constitution and local laws and represented by the Supreme Court of Justice (Honda 33). Furthermore, the judicial branch is independent of the executive and legislative branch. Peru has a multiparty system which means more than two political parties have a chance to win the election. The most popular are Peru Wins, Force 2011, Electoral Alliance Possible Peru, Alliance for the Great Change, and National…

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