Veterans Persuasive Speech

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This November, us Oregonians have the chance to make history. Let’s not pass up the incredible opportunity we have as a community to finally serve those who served us. We must vote yes on measure 96 on the upcoming ballot. Our troops deserve better. Our grandparents, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, children, our military families, deserve better. They fight for our freedom everyday, and risk their own lives to save ours. Instead of the almost meaningless words “Thank you for your service,” let’s show veterans our appreciation. Let us show them our thanks by helping fight this battle, and improving the lives of those who fight much more brutal battles for our freedom, everyday. All we must do is vote YES on measure 96. This means a mere …show more content…
This could be a historic investment in veterans’ aid. Won’t you join us in history? It’s a small effort on your part, for a worthy affect. These funds that provide assistance and care to our veterans won’t be coming from taxes on business, labor, or ordinary citizen, but rather a small portion of the lottery’s income. This new measure, if passed, will actually boost Oregon’s economy. How you might ask? Well you see, this 1.5% allocation makes Oregon eligible for available federal matching funds. This is estimated to bring in 4 billion federal funding annually to Oregon, and thus transferring our current state-funded veteran services, to federal programs. Voting yes to measure 96 doesn’t only benefit veterans, but all …show more content…
They often develop mental illnesses, such as PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder, or TBI, traumatic brain injury. Unfortunately, they are prone to unemployment and homelessness. The unemployment rate in Oregon is 7.1 and we have at least 5000 homeless vets. We need to provide more housing, education, and employment assistance to those who deserve it. Vets are also at a more increased risk of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and the most heartbreaking, suicide. Everyday in America, over 20 veterans commit suicide. In Oregon, 8.7% of the population were veterans between the years of 2008 and 2012, but a whole 23% of suicides were those of veterans. Should we really let a lack of services and outreach programs cause that many deaths in our community? The increased funds Oregon will possess if measure 96 is passed, can be used to establish physical and mental health care, as well as drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Our vets have well-earned our help with the struggles and disabilities that war and protecting our freedom has caused upon them.

Remember, our freedom is not free. The benefits of measure 96 are too high, the challenges vets face daily are too harsh, and even deadly. All we have we to do is cross a small puddle, and go vote, for those who cross oceans every day to defend our rights, and protect our lives. Don’t just say you support our vets.

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