Analysis Of James Joyner's Stop Feeling Sorry For American Veterans

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Do we really owe our veterans? In life you're going to face death whether you want to or not. You don’t know when it's going to come buts it's going to come there's no escaping. Some of us put ourselves in positions where it can come early for example the jobs we choose like veterans there fighting for us, we didn't make nor told them to they do it because it's something they want to do the only thing we can do is give our appreciation because they put themselves in that position to fight on the battlefield we shouldn't half to owe them anything. Our veterans receive our money, support and care clearly showing our appreciation. To start off we give our veterans money. Meaning we give our money to help out and show we care. “( You don't need to stop us and thank us for our service; you already paid us for it. James Joyner)”. James Joyner the author of “Stop Feeling Sorry For American Veterans” he is a former veteran himself. Nobody can tell you about something …show more content…
They go out everyday putting themselves in danger for us to have freedom. However veterans choose to do this no one forces them or puts them in this place and makes them fight for us. Another thing if we were to owe our veterans why just them? Why not all the other occupations that some are put in danger to do, for example Police officers, Firefighters etc.. Therefore were entitled to have a opinion and mine is that we don't owe our veterans anything. In conclusion we already do plenty for our veterans we do not owe them. We give our money when needed and show we care by supporting them. Just think about it our lives are in danger everyday, we do not know what's going to happen, we do not know who's out to get us we just continue to live life until our time. So before you get lead into thinking we owe our veterans think down and say, Do We

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