Informative Speech On Sleeping

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Everybody loves sleep. I love sleep so much that I took a half hour nap between writing that last sentence and this one. The same goes for this sentence. We all delight in throwing ourselves onto our mattress at the end of a stressful day at work and we revel in the feeling of waking up on a Saturday morning safe in the knowledge that we can spend the day snuggled beneath the sheets like a big toasty cinnamon bun (to quote a wise man) if we really want to. But even though we all love a good sleeping session, very few of us know what really happens to the human body as it progresses through the various sleep cycles, hurtling towards the dawn. Even those who have dedicated their working lives to researching the science of sleeping struggle to entirely understand what happens to the human body during the night. Thankfully, we have managed to determine some things that happen while you sleep and we’re going to be discussing them in this video. Don’t worry, we won’t mention how many spiders you may or may not eat in your sleep. …show more content…
Intro Section

When you sleep, your brain relives everything you experienced throughout your day. But just why is this necessary?

Similarly, when you sleep, your body temperature drops significantly. What is the reason for this?

And why are athletes advised to stick to a sleeping schedule that is as strict as their workout regimen?

What’s up guys and welcome to another Bogglin’ Stuff video. Today we’re going to be looking at what really happens to our bodies when we sleep, which will do anything but make you yawn.

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