Essay on Persuasive Speech : School Lunches

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General purpose: To persuade
Specific purpose: To persuade people in the U.S to act against unhealthy school lunches in order to receive healthy meals instead.
Thesis: Instead of schools serving unhealthy lunches to students, we should feed the students with healthier foods that way they can stay away from certain health problems and have a better start towards their nutrition and academic performance.
I. The Attention Step
A. Attention: Ever wonder why a third of the kids living in the U.S are overweight or why your child loses attention so quickly during a school lecture. Both of these problems lead to one factor, unhealthy school lunches. Schools in the U.S are giving kids a bigger surplus of unhealthy calories than they already need which can lead to them being overweight. Another problem is that food that doesn’t provide a good amount of nutrition can affect your child’s learning process.
Significance: B. School lunches provide a huge importance to your child’s daily life. According to the Dairy Council, “A person’s eating habits are typically acquired during his childhood.” Consequently, a child who eats poor nutrition during his childhood may be accustomed to poor eating habits. This can lead to severe healthy problems such as obesity or diabetes. Another factor poor nutrition plays is the downfall in academic performance. Many children need healthy foods in order for them to stay focused on their school work.
Relevance: C. Unhealthy School lunches can be the…

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