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Despite the hardships and difficulties that any moms-to-be can suffer, there are still ways on how to deal and handle it very well such as pregnancy yoga classes. Yep, you heard it right! Yoga! Now, you may wonder as how can yoga for pregnant women become beneficial and you may worry that it is certainly hard to meditate or perform balancing techniques if you are already having that big tummy bulge.
What are prenatal yoga classes?
Pregnancy yoga classes are specifically designed yoga sessions which will help you as you journey throughout your pregnancy period. Yoga sessions will often include different yoga postures and breathing patterns that will make you become aware of your own mind, body and spirit, as well as the spirit of your baby inside
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Squatting. The squatting position will help relax and open your pelvis as well as strengthen your upper legs. As your pregnancy progresses and you feel heavier, rest your butt on something supportive such as yoga blocks or pile of books. It is important that you focus on relaxation and let your breath go down deep into your belly.
• Stand while facing the back of the chair. Place your feet slightly wider than hip-width. Point your toes outward and hold the back of the chair.
• Contract the abdominal muscles and lift your chest while relaxing your shoulders. Lower tour tail bone on the floor as if you are about to sit down on a chair. Make sure that you find your balance by putting most of your body weight toward your heels.
• Hold the position as long as you can.
• Get a deep breath and exhale. Then, push into your legs and rise to resume a standing position.
2. Angry cat or pelvic tilt. An angry cat or pelvic tilt position will help alleviate back pain which is a common problem during pregnancy.
• Get on your hands and knees. Your arms should be shoulder-width apart, while your knees should be hip-width apart. Make sure that you do not lock your elbows and that you keep your arms straight.
• Tuck your butt under. Round your back as you
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• Press your knees down gently and away from each other. Do not force them apart.
• Keep this position as long as you can.
Are there yoga positions not recommended during pregnancy?
Due to varied yoga styles, there are some that are strongly prohibited when you are pregnant because they require strenuous and vigorous techniques which can be dangerous for your health. Thus, it is important that you talk to your yoga instructor which among the different styles will suit you best during this period.
Normally, hot yoga, also known as Bikram yoga, needs you to be in a heated room with temperatures ranging from 38 to 43 C (100 to 110 F). This type of yoga is strongly avoided because it includes vigorous poses and hot temperature which will cause your body to suffer from hyperthermia.
Other yoga types that are not advisable for pregnant women are ashtanga and some types of power yoga because they are exhausting and demands great effort for women who are not advanced yoga practitioners.
Knowing which among the yoga poses and styles are harmless for you will keep you safe and away from dangers which might harm you and your

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