Persuasive Speech On Tablets In Schools

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Your Completed Outline Should Contain the Following:

Introduction Paragraph
Have you ever wonder how fast technology is advancing throughout the school systems of the United States?
Limited Background Information (if needed)
For decades, schools have used printed textbooks to educate children even though information in different fields are being constantly updated.
Textbooks have quickly become out of date and several schools have not been able to adjust their curriculum to the new developments due to the expense of textbooks.
Today, across the country K-12 schools have begun to use higher sources of technology such as tablets.
Over the previous years, the use of tablets have dramatically increased and have replaced textbooks and
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Classrooms with such technology have captured the attention of students, who are learning more efficiently. “Leann Widhalm, who has taught at Norfolk Junior High for 14 years, thinks tablets do help increase student achievement, especially if educators are given the training needed to use these devices in a way that directly connects with students (Alvarez).”
Widhalm, a teacher who has seen different teaching environments, has seen that tablets have helped improve the learning methods and are allowing students to take charge of their own learning. “Several meta-studies on the use of computer technology in the classroom show a small but statistically significant increase in learning outcomes (ProCon).”
Technology in classrooms is changing the learning environment for several students. Many students have achieved better test scores and captivated more knowledge while being taught on a computer

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