Persuasive Speech On Skateboarding

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Persuasive Essay Skateboarding has been around since the late 60s but obviously it is way more developed now, or is it? We still have unstable skate parks and unsuitable accessories, which in given time means one of your family members or siblings getting hurt because of no funds without skateboards and skate parks. My essay is going to be about how skateboarding can help your children and family members get away from the wrong people and learn how to have creative skills and still have fun. Question is would you rather them in the streets and skate park in a safe, controlled and supervised environment? Your choice. My first paragraph is proving that 'street skating ' whilst fun is not a appropriate place for skaters to be. Not only if you 're caught and arrested, which I know from personal experience, you can be extremely hurt and have no one to call. Skate parks keep skaters away from the 'wild; ' from things such as steep hills, hand rails and stair sets. This obviously is going to be a safety hazard or do you not care enough to give us an official place to skate? Skating in these places aren’t ideal but if we have no skate parks where do we really have to go? Skate parks provides us a safe, controlled and supervised place to enjoy the …show more content…
TV and Xbox has ruined life 's. Skateboarding help kids with 'nothing else ' to gain a healthy lifestyle again from previously spending it on Xbox and watching TV by helping loose weight and gain muscle back “Anything that burns a lot of calories (aka sports or anything that gets you off the couch) can help you loose weight" this is from a previous 'gamer ' that was over weight and started skating in the hope that it would help him loose weight and it did, he is now healthy and active daily! I think having a healthy lifestyle is what we all

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